Managing Director

About Howard


Credible – Reliable

Howard has a distinguished record of providing real and lasting solutions to clients in both the Aviation and Rail industries.  He is a Graduate and Chartered Engineer having held several senior positions in industry, leading many improvement initiatives.  As an experienced consultant he understands the important client/consultant relationship and how best this works for clients. He has a small team of similarly capable Associates working with him as required, bringing you a broad spectrum of capability of the highest calibre.


Supporting you

Engaged People are the core of any performance improvement and in many organisations, we have increased both the hard and soft measures of engagement significantly through training and coaching elements in our Management Competence Pathway.

“The leadership development Howard delivered, has completely engaged our team, and was without doubt the start of a great journey for us.” Mark Frost, Head of Fleet Virgin Trains East Coast


Process Workflows are crucial for productivity, the backbone of maintenance performance. We have helped several organisations re-model their workflows, introduce planning-led capability and become firmly proactive.  We accelerate your improvement and avoid the pitfalls.

“The level-1 workflows created were ‘real’ and sensible enabling us to embed them quickly, this gave us great leverage to change our process, very much for the better.  All our performance metrics are going in the right direction as a result.”


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Former Danburykline Managing Partner

As Danburykline’s strategic focus moved towards its SOROS application, Howard started EngPro Solutions Limited to both continue offering the high-calibre training and consulting services the industry has come to respect and also to sharpen the focus by offering interim and project management.  We remain separate, yet allied businesses.