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Preventing maintenance costs spiralling upwards is a constant challenge.  True for all transport maintenance organisations such as rail operating companies, airlines and outsourced maintenance providers.  In increasingly competitive markets the ability to reduce maintenance costs can be a game changer.

Getting more for less by improving maintenance performance enables time to devote to those important and often overlooked customer perception items, as well as saving money.



Popular, simple and cost-effective

Maintenance Diagnostic

Using our Maintenance Efficiency Map as the guide, we guide you through a very simple process to provide you with strategic options and intelligent solutions in your key areas, delivering rapid results.

Using fully-licensed Danburykline MPRM™ Tool


Maintenance Efficiency Map™

Performance is delivered through a combination of inter-related elements, with your people very much anchored in the middle of your performance.  Our Maintenance Efficiency Map with its five key features and four enablers highlights this.  To improve overall performance we must develop each of the related areas in parallel.  Our Maintenance Diagnostic provides you concise and clear strategic options of where you can best improve maintenance performance.

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